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What's the role of Candlesticks in Wedding Banquets?

Jul. 09, 2019

With the development of the times, the opening of human nature, the expansion of wedding company wedding banquet hotels, many young people have a certain yearning for marriage, especially women wish to have a romantic wedding. Of course, people want a romantic perfect wedding that can do through a lot of wedding props, such as floral decoration, lighting, perfect stage and balloon. In addition to some of the props described above, the role of the candlesticks in the wedding banquet is also very large. As a professional Glass Candlestick Exporter, Let's explain to the role of the candlestick in the wedding banquet.

Candlesticks are no longer in the world of iron, copper and silver, but now the most popular glass candlestick is used. The Glass Candlestick is avant-garde, bold and lively. In particular, the improvement of the glass process makes the glass candlestick the leader in the candlestick, making the candlestick full of the beauty of the candlelight.

Glass Candlestick

Glass Candlestick

The scope of the exquisite candlestick application is not only to add to the life of the home, but the role of the candlestick in the wedding banquet has also greatly increased. With its wonderful shape and the beauty and aroma of candlelight, the taste of the newcomer is often more prominent. When placed at the wedding banquet, it adds a lot of romance and warmth to the wedding scene.

At the wedding, candles represent the life of the groom, the bride, and the family on both sides. The candle will be lit by the mother, friend or child of both parties. At this moment, the bridegroom and the bride will ignite the candles of the marriage from the already lit candles of the family, representing them as one life from now on.

Finally, the bride and groom must ignite the candle in the middle to symbolize the integration of their lives. When the candle in the middle is lit, the candles next to it continue to ignite, symbolizing that they still need to fully accept the different characteristics of each other in order to achieve the benefits of complement each other.