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What Can Be Used In The Candlestick In Daily Life?

Apr. 20, 2020

As a kind of lighting tool, Candlestick has a long history of development, especially in ancient times, the highest rate of use. With the development of society, candlesticks have been gradually replaced by more convenient lighting fixtures. At the same time, the candlestick has also changed from the lighting function to the decoration function, especially used to arrange some romantic scenes and create a sultry atmosphere.

Classified by style, the European-style candlesticks are known for their inlays on the shape. The outline and the turning part are composed of symmetrical and rhythmic curves or curved surfaces. The whole structure is simple and smooth, giving the overall feeling of luxury and elegance Very solemn. The Chinese style candlesticks are designed with contrasting contrasts. The materials are mostly wood-based. The designed candlesticks are elegant and dignified, dignified and rich, giving people a sense of ancientness and vicissitudes. The modern minimalist style candlestick is designed with a simple shape to achieve a different design effect. However, the requirements on color and material texture are high, and the design is mostly very subtle, which can achieve the effect of less than more, simple and complex.

How to match candlesticks? The candlestick emphasizes the decorative function in modern home life. It is also very particular to choose a Candlestick for Decoration that matches the home style in different spaces. Some Candle Holder Wholesaler specifically matches products that match the candlestick.

Fruit Tray

Fruit Tray

The living room as a gathering space for home life has always been very important. The selection of the living room candlestick should be based on the living room style and the living room furniture style. For example, if there are too many pieces of furniture made of logs, you can choose iron or glass materials and simple shapes.

The restaurant has always been one of the romantic spaces, the restaurant has always been very particular about the dining atmosphere, red wine, candlelight, dinner. And want to create a romantic dining atmosphere can not be separated from the candlestick embellishment and the most suitable place on the dining the table is the glass, crystal-like "couple" candlestick.

The bedroom is a private and romantic place. The candlesticks placed in the bedroom are suitable for a wall hanging, hanging or tabletop. The shape of this type of candlestick is very chic, and then combined with the dim and soft candlelight, it will bring the sweet and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom to the extreme and ignite the chic romantic spark.

The candle holder in the study room should be full of artistic sense and quality. Everyone knows that the study room is an elegant and quiet space. The candle holders placed in the study room can choose upright ceramic or wood candle holders to light candles in the study room. The pulsating firelight and the faint aroma of candles warm the cool style of the study.