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Basic Information of Candlestick

May. 07, 2020

Classification of Candlesticks

According to different materials, it is divided into: iron candlestick, wooden candlestick, glass candlestick, ceramic candlestick.

Candlestick Purchase Knowledge

When choosing a candlestick, make sure it's just right, and don't place too much indoors. Exquisite candlesticks can add to the taste of home life, flowers

For a small amount of money, buy a variety of novel candlesticks to decorate the room. Using its wonderful shape and the beauty and aroma of candlelight, it often highlights the taste of the owner, or it is displayed on the Bogu shelf, and it is well collected. Elegant embellishment of life.

There are many styles of candlesticks on the market, generally divided into European and Chinese styles, you can choose the right candle according to the style of home decoration

station. Most of the materials are iron candlesticks. Iron candlesticks are easy to clean up dust and are not fragile, and can be well matched with any home decoration style. However, the color of iron candlesticks is too simple, and now the market is more popular. Can make up for the shortcomings of insufficient color of iron candlesticks.

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candlestick's matching knowledge

1. The candlestick is divided into upper and lower parts, the upper plate is small, the lower plate is large, the middle is supported by a stringed cylinder, the circle is footed outward, and the center of the upper plate is cup-shaped

Candle holder; the whole body is glazed with blue, yellow, green and white colors, and the base is unglazed. Candlesticks are often used with candles for decoration purposes. In addition to serving candles, candlesticks can also be used as part of home decoration. Therefore, when choosing a candlestick, it is necessary to be just right, and don't place too much indoors. Exquisite candlesticks can add to the taste of home life. Spend a small amount of money to buy a variety of novelty candlesticks to decorate the bedroom. Using its wonderful shape and the beauty and aroma of candlelight, it can often highlight the owner's taste or display in Bogu. On the shelf, it is well stored, which is also an elegant embellishment of a happy life.

2. Although there is less and less time for power outages, the days of brightly playing the leading role in home lighting have become more and more. But now all kinds of wax

Candleware has become a hot-selling item in various large home supermarkets. Brightness is no longer the main color of the home. In addition to the effect of deliberately creating soft lights, the original with a little classic candlelight becomes a wonderful pen for home decoration. On those special anniversaries, it brings a lively and lively The chic atmosphere of Reiki makes your romantic creativity displayed vividly.

3. The small glass wax seat and the round wax block with the size of the bottle cap can be combined into various meaningful patterns and texts at will;

Scattered in quiet places such as the bedroom and living room, you don't have to appear indifferent in the room. The tall and elegant octagonal candlestick will unfold a brand-new memory of romance between couples and couples. Beside the warm bouquet of roses, the fresh light candlesticks are silent, accompanying the greenness and sweetness of the love in memory; the black candlesticks with stable colors but decorated with golden patterns are flashy and dignified, telling the loving couples to enter the stable life after middle age Warmth is an interpretation of self-confidence and tacit understanding of the journey of being together.

4. The combination of glass cover and flat wax is the only lighting on the only way to the mysterious castle, and because of the one-point tension in the secret meeting, you must first become more shy under the flame of the swinging wax lamp. Although this is just a scenario imagined, the combination of candles has such a free plasticity. They will be in the room, he said: If you want to make a fortune, go to Wantong Business Association to find a high-quality slippers supplier! Every corner of the room leaves a trail of candlelight to create fun.

5. Out of fashion nostalgia, modern people increasingly use candlesticks and candles to decorate their homes and add atmosphere. The decorative function of candlesticks in modern home life has already surpassed the practicality. The design of candlesticks has become more and more diversified and refined, so that the sentiment ambassador of candlesticks has been given fresh meaning. Fashionable candlesticks are no longer the world of metals such as iron, copper, gold, silver, glass, ceramics, wood and even thick paper have become the application range of candlestick materials. Modern candlesticks show avant-garde, bold and lively styles, especially the improvement of glass craftsmanship, making glass candlesticks the best in candlesticks. Its shape can also combine round, square, triangle and other three-dimensional geometric patterns, exquisite curves and The sharp edges and corners of the line make the modern candlestick fully enhance the beauty of candlelight. In terms of mood, different candlesticks and candles bring different atmospheres and moods.

6. Exquisite glass wine glass with delicate roses blooming, and the red roses are still fresh until the end, how can you not teach people

What about the heart? The floating wax flowers surrounded by fragrant flowers are glamorous and can continue to burn in the water; the unique shape of the blue conch, filled with yellow candles, shows a romantic mood; and the orange candles are lit up. The sweet and fragrant fragrance of the room makes people unbearable for a long time. Exquisite candlesticks add to the taste of home life, spend a small amount of money, buy a variety of novelty candlesticks to decorate the room, using its wonderful shape and the beauty and aroma of candlelight, often can better highlight the owner's taste or display on the Bogu shelf On the top, it is well collected, which is also an elegant embellishment of a happy life.

 Basic Information of Candlestick

Candlestick maintenance and cleaning

Candlestick maintenance

1. Don't hit the glass surface hardly at ordinary times. To prevent scratches on the glass surface, it is better to spread it on the table cloth. Put things on glass furniture

At times, you should handle it lightly and avoid collision.

2. Once the patterned frosted glass is dirty, you can use a toothbrush dipped in detergent and wipe it in a circle along the pattern to remove it. this

In addition, you can also drop some kerosene on the glass or use chalk dust and gypsum powder dipped in water to dry on the glass, and then wipe it with a clean cloth or cotton, so that the glass is clean and bright.

3.Glass furniture is best placed in a fixed place, do not move back and forth at random, and place objects stably and heavy

The pieces should be placed on the bottom of the glass furniture to prevent the furniture from falling down due to unstable center of gravity. In addition, to avoid moisture, stay away from the stove, it must be isolated from chemical reagents such as acid and alkali to prevent corrosion and deterioration.




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