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How Can Glass Products Ensure Safe Transportation?

Aug. 03, 2019

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Glass products usually have fascinating colors, artistic, and people can't put it down. Many people have glass crafts at home, but the transportation of glass products is a headache. The glass is very fragile, and it will be a little careless. Broken, many businesses are causing huge economic losses due to transportation.

Glass Candlestick China

Glass Candlestick China

Glass products have higher requirements for packaging. Express delivery packages generally ask you what products are. If they are fragile products like glass products, you need to protect the packaging under the condition of unpacking. Otherwise, it will be easily damaged during transportation.

The safety of glass products has always been plagued by us. Now Glass Candle Holder Supplier has solved this problem. After a series of transportation and running tests, the products are wrapped with bubble pads to completely wrap the glass products, and are separated from the outer packaging. It will not directly collide with the box, and all impact forces will be absorbed by the bubble pad. To achieve product transportation is foolproof.

In this case, we must remind everyone that when packing, it should be marked as fragile items on the outside of the box, reminding the express logistics to protect and avoid heavy loads.

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