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Crystal Gift: The Effect Of Amethyst

Jun. 14, 2019

As a Crystal Candle Holder Wholesaler, we will discuss Crystal gift: the effect of amethyst with you.

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1. Amethyst stands for high-level, spiritual and spiritual love, and can be regarded as a kind of sentiment and token of the admirer.

2. Amethyst has always used amethyst as an amulet and an evil spirit because people believe that it can drive away demons and enhance personal luck. Amethyst is famous for its ability to develop the third eye between the two eyebrows because it corresponds to the eyebrow wheel and the top wheel. It can stimulate the brain and stimulate creativity, thus increasing people's confidence. It has great emotional and interpersonal relationships between men and women. The role, as well as the stability of the wearer's own emotions, for the likes of the defeated family of the family, can also restrain the impulse to achieve the purpose of keeping the money.

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3. Amethyst can eliminate domineering, bring extravagance, strengthen tolerance, tolerance, and is most conducive to leadership control, enhance popularity, promote interpersonal relationships, and also allow subordinates to serve you, with traditional Chinese studies. "Because of your wealth."

4. Let the children wear amethyst ornaments, help to calm the playful, playful heart, develop wisdom, strengthen memory and attention, study hard, enhance the test.

5. Different shades of purple light can correspond to the eyebrow wheel and the top wheel. It is said to enhance memory and attention. It has an effect on the brain lesions and aging, and has a soothing effect on headaches, migraine and other symptoms.

6. Amethyst caves and amethyst flowers are placed in the home, in the office, in the store, at the end of the moving line, which has the effect of attracting wealth and popularity and is also the meaning of gathering wealth.

7. When there is a rush or squat in the indoor wind water, you can put a crystal ball in front of the Amethyst Cave and put it on the road of this rushing road.