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Crystal Daylight Purification

Jun. 10, 2019

As a manufacturer of Crystal Candle Holder, we will discuss Crystal daylight purification with you.

The five qualities of crystal - memory, storage, expansion, conversion, focus.

The crystal that has just been bought, because the crystal will remember all the things that people have touched, so a piece of crystal rough stone may retain the memory of mining workers, mine owners, merchants, porters, retailers or masters. Maybe some bad memories may even affect the crystal owner. 

Crystal Candle Holder

Crystal wear for a long time, or use crystal therapy, easy to attract negative energy, so also do the purification of crystal, also known as a degaussing method, can restore the original magnetic field. Generally speaking, the purification time is about once a month, and if it is used to treat the disease, it will be purified once a week. Also, when the crystal feels sticky, you should remember to purify it quickly.

Daylight purification method: direct sunlight, preferably in the morning to around noon, the sun is most appropriate, about 2 hours if you accidentally exceed the time does not matter but must be recovered before sunset. Amethyst and powder crystals are not suitable and will fade.