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Crystal Candlesticks Matching And Purchasing Tips

Dec. 12, 2019

Candles are no longer a lighting tool in modern society, but candlesticks that hold candles have become a very artistic decoration. Crystal Candle Holder is pure and translucent, exquisitely shaped from many types of candlesticks, and it is one of the decorative objects that can best reflect the romantic atmosphere of modern homes. At many wedding scenes, many people use crystal candlesticks for environmental decoration. The flickering firelight on the crystal makes people feel a mysterious and irresistible charm. So how to choose a crystal candle holder, Metal Candle Holder Manufacturer will tell you below.

Crystal Candle Holder

Crystal Candle Holder

1, crystal candlestick purchase skills-material

Crystal candlesticks are made of artificial crystals. This material is immaculate and beautiful, but some businesses use ordinary glass to impersonate artificial crystals. When we choose the right one, we can judge whether it is artificial crystal by sound, gloss, pattern and brand. The artificial crystal is a crisp sound when it is struck by hand; it can reflect bright seven-color light in the sun, which is rich and natural; the texture on the surface is relatively rough, because it is handmade, which means that it has high value. But ordinary glass does not have the above characteristics, the difference is very obvious. If you want to buy online, it is best to buy products from regular brands to avoid being deceived.

2, crystal candlestick buying skills-style

The styles of crystal candlesticks are roughly divided into Chinese style and European style. When selecting, choose the appropriate style according to your home improvement style. The candlestick is generally used on the dining table, and it is also very important to match the dining table as a whole. If the dining table is long and wide, the crystal candlestick is suitable for taller ones, and the three-pronged type is very good. If the dining table is relatively small and warm, you need short and delicate crystal candlesticks, such as a single round dish; The size of the dining table is coordinated. If an oversized crystal candlestick is placed on a small dining table, not only will it not look romantic, but it will also have a strange top-heavy sense.

3 ,crystal candlestick buying tips-match

In addition to harmonizing the crystal candle holder with the style and the surrounding environment, it is also necessary to pay attention to the match with the candle. Candles are no longer an essential lighting tool for people's lives. In addition to power outages, people will only use candles on certain occasions. The combination of candles and candlesticks in home decoration is to fill the family with a warm and romantic atmosphere. When we choose a suitable candlestick, we must match it with a suitable candle. Everyone knows that there are many styles and colors of candles, and even candles with incense functions have been developed. Our focus is to choose the one with the most appropriate crystal candlestick, the best color is white and red.

In the elaborate home environment, we thought of many small tricks and used many small props. The crystal Candlestick is welcomed because of its natural romantic temperament, which is irresistible to those who long for love at home.