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The Role of Stylish Candlesticks in Wedding Receptions?

Apr. 02, 2020

With the development of the times, the opening of human nature, the expansion of wedding banquet hotels, and the reduction in the Candle Holder Price,  many young people have a certain longing for marriage, especially women's romantic weddings and fairy tale weddings. Of course, wanting a romantic and perfect wedding requires a lot of wedding props to complete, such as floral decoration, lighting, perfect stage, and balloons. Only with these things will make the wedding look noble and make the dream wedding that new people want. Of course, in addition to some of the props introduced above, the role of stylish candlesticks in wedding banquets is also huge. Let us explain what the purpose of Candlestick for Wedding is for professionals.

Fashion Candlesticksare no longer in the world of iron, copper, gold, and silver, and the most popular glass and wood are now the scopes of application of candlesticks. Modern candlesticks display avant-garde, bold, lively style, especially the improvement of glass technology, making glass candlesticks become the best in the candlesticks and their shapes can also combine circular, square, triangular and other three-dimensional geometric patterns, exquisite curves and The sharp edges and corners make the modern candlestick fully enhance the beauty of candlelight. In terms of mood, different candlesticks, and candles bring different atmospheres and moods.

The scope of application of delicate candlesticks is not only to add to the life of the home. The role of candlesticks in wedding banquets has also significantly increased. With its beautiful shapes and the beauty and aroma of candlelights, it is often more prominent for newcomers. When placed on the wedding banquet scene, it adds a lot of romance and warmth to the wedding ceremony scene.



After centuries of change, the types and styles of candles have been constantly renovated. Their lighting functions have weakened, and their decorative uses have become increasingly prominent. Use candle collections to decorate your home. You don't need to follow the old traditions, as long as you have a little mood and spirituality; you can add warmth and romance to life inadvertently.

Secondly, the candle represents the life of the groom, the bride, and the family of both parties. This candle will be lit by the mother, friend, or child of both parties. At this moment, the bride and groom will ignite the candles of marriage from the lighted torches of the family, representing their life as one from now on.

Finally, the bride and groom must light the middle candle together to symbolize their life as one. When the candle in the middle is lit, the candle next to it continues to light, symbolizing that they still need to fully accept the different characteristics of each other in order to achieve mutual benefits.