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Warm And Romantic Maker - Candlestick

Oct. 09, 2019

Find here details of Candle Holder China on our website. Today we would like to talk about the warm and romantic maker - candlestick.

Although the time for power outages is getting less and less, the days of bright lighting in the home lighting are becoming more and more popular. But nowadays, various candle decorations have become hot items in various large home supermarkets. Brightness is no longer the main color of the home. In addition to the effect of deliberately creating soft lighting, the original classical candlelight has become a masterpiece of the home decoration. In those special anniversary days, it brings a lively and homely The chic atmosphere of the aura makes your wave candlesticks full of creativity.

Candle Holder China

Candle Holder China

As a Black Gold Candle Holder Supplier, we know that the small glass wax holder, combined with the round wax block of the cap size, can be freely combined into various meaningful patterns and characters; scattered in the quiet place such as the bedroom and the living room, so that the room does not have to be indifferent.

The tall and elegant octagonal candlestick will unfold the new memories of lovers and couples about romance. Next to the warm rose bouquet, the fresh pastel candlestick is silent, accompanying the love of the green and sweet in memory; the black candlestick with a steady color but decorated with gold patterns is flamboyant, telling the loving couple to enter a stable life after middle age. Warmth is an interpretation of self-confidence and tacit understanding of the journey.

The combination of the glass cover and the flat wax is the only light on the way to the mysterious castle, and because of the nervousness of the sneak peek, you will be more shy when you sway the wax lamp. Although this is only a scenario of false imagination, the combination of candles has such a free plasticity.

It is understood that some of the wax jewelry on the market is imported. The high-calorie candles with foam come from India, and the Indian-style imitation copper candlesticks are sold together; some waxes are very special, and the lemon-flavored, mango-flavored fruit is called the fruit wax enamel. Summery, these romantic fragrant waxes come from the United States. After the wax is ignited, the burning flames will emit all kinds of strange fragrances; the glass wax cups and wax sculptures are very delicate, and the glass wax cups are transparent. The wax has added a variety of small wax sculptures, and the shell wax sand marine wax cup can be placed in a transparent glass cabinet as a small artwork. Such wax ornaments are mainly sold in large home improvement markets and large shopping malls, and the price is relatively high, at more than one hundred yuan. In addition, wax jewelry can also be purchased in large supermarkets and small commodity wholesale markets. The price is relatively cheap, about 50 yuan or less.

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