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Which Kind of Metal Crafts Decoration is Good?

Mar. 19, 2020

The so-called metal crafts ornaments are crafts made of metal materials, including ornamental crafts and practical crafts. There are many types of metals that have been discovered in nature, and there are many metals that can make crafts. The following is a brief introduction to metal crafts made of different materials by Metal Candle Holder Wholesaler.

1. Gold crafts

Gold is recognized as a precious metal and has a certain currency function. Since ancient times, people at home and abroad have always liked gold. Gold symbolizes wealth, and symbolizes luxury and magnificence. Therefore, metal crafts made of gold always give people a sense of preciousness, gorgeousness, and dazzling. Gold is relatively soft and used to make crafts. The most common gold crafts are jewelry, ornaments, pendants, etc. There is also a Black Gold Candle Holder which is also a good choice.

Black Gold Candle Holder

Black Gold Candle Holder

2.Silver Crafts

Silver and gold can be said to be brothers. In ancient China, silver was used as currency. This is also a precious metal, but its value is lower than gold. There are many silver handicrafts in some minority-owned areas in China. In addition to beautiful appreciation, silver handicrafts also have some special effects. Legend has it that silver can detect poisons and also has the effect of warding off evil spirits. In many areas, people will bring silver jewelry to children to ward off evil spirits.

3.Bronze Crafts

Bronze handicrafts have a long history in China. Many bronze handicrafts have been unearthed in the famous tomb of Qin Shihuang. Many of the unearthed bronze wares have now been established as antiques and are of great value. However, the current price of copper crafts is not high, and the color of copper products is similar to that of gold products. Some cheap gadgets on the market usually use copper instead of gold.

4. Iron Crafts

Steel is the material with the most metallic texture. It is bright and dazzling, giving a very strong sense of weight. Many people who like metal crafts, such as Iron Candle Holders, mostly like iron crafts. In addition, steel is relatively tough, can be forged and repeatedly forged, and is very malleable. It can be used to make a variety of crafts and can have a great deal of space. Small and exquisite and vigorous crafts can be realized by steel.

5. Tin crafts

There are not many tin products in China, mainly because the place of origin of tin is not in China. This is a relatively special metal. Some people may rarely see tin crafts, but they must have seen tin foil packaging. For a long time, tin products have been very popular. In addition to the special texture of this metal, but also because tin is a metal that does not harm the human body, whether it is worn or played, it can be assured.

Crafts itself is an art and culture, and there are still many connotations about metal crafts ornaments, including modeling, production methods, craftsmanship, and so on. As ordinary consumers, they need to understand the artistic effects of metal crafts and their ability to identify.