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Method For Removing Candlestick Candle Oil

Dec. 04, 2019

There are candles in almost every room in the house, but unfortunately, sometimes the candlelight can be strung. Did you find that the stubborn candle oil on the tablecloths, clothes, or candlesticks could not be wiped off? Don't worry, with the right method, it's not difficult to remove spilled candle oil. Usually, the simple way to remove candle oil is to heat or cool it and then remove the candle oil. Read the steps below, Metal Candle Holder Manufacturer teaches you how to remove candle oil.

How to use an iron to remove candle oil is part of a series of candle oil removal tutorials. The tutorial also includes using a hair dryer to remove candle oil, using an iron to remove candle oil, using filling air to cool and shave off candle oil. Follow the Glass Candlestick Factory to see how to remove candle oil.

Glass Candlestick

Glass Candlestick

How do I remove candle oil with an iron? We first need to adjust the iron to medium temperature. This method is similar to a hair dryer, by melting the dry wax and then wiping it off. The difference, however, is that you can suck it off "when it melts", rather than waiting for it to completely melt before wiping it off. Because of this, this method is very suitable for removing waxy fabrics or clothes.

Although one thing everyone knows, let me mention it: in any case, use this method with caution. Use the iron carefully. If you are not sure whether the iron is hot or cold, pour some water on it instead of trying to warm it by hand. Never leave a hot iron aside, especially when the iron is facing down.

Next we are going to cover the towel on the wax of the Candlestick. After the iron is heated, cover the paper towel with waxy paper. Make sure the paper towel is as wide as the iron or wider than the iron. Spread the dishcloth over a paper towel. Then iron the dishcloth with an iron. Gently move the iron back and forth like you would normally iron your clothes. This will slowly heat and melt the waxes, causing them to stick to the tissue. Continue ironing and gently move the iron to prevent scalding the towel. Replace paper towels if necessary. Remove irons and towels regularly to check progress. If the paper towel is full of candle oil, throw it away and replace it with a new paper towel. Repeat ironing until the candle oil is completely sucked off.

This step is important to change the paper towels soaked in candle oil. If you continue to use the paper towel if it is full of candle oil, it will spread the melted candle oil on the fabric, and you cannot suck it out. This will make the range of candle oil contamination "greater", which must not be the result you want. Finally turn off the iron switch. When you think it is no longer necessary to remove the wax, you should turn off the iron switch and throw away the paper towel. With patience, this step may take at least 10 minutes. When you try to suck up all the wax with a paper towel, there are some stains left (assuming the candle oil is dripping from the colored candles). Also don't forget to use a carpet cleaner to suck up the residual color. In order to remove the residue from the fabric, use a cleaner. Use a suitable cleaner that won't damage the fabric and gently wipe with a damp cloth that invades the cleaner.

The above is how to use the iron to remove candlestick candle oil. Have you learned it?