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How To Match Crystal Jewelry?

Jun. 23, 2019

Here is Candle Holder Exporter talking about How to match crystal jewelry.

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Crystal is a favorite thing for every woman. A crystal that suits her will always add to our life. It shows the charming beauty of women from the most detailed details. So how do you match crystals?


Because the material of the crystal is quite special, too much decoration with crystals will add more snakes, so it is recommended that the bride must be appropriate when choosing crystal accessories. As long as the appropriate location is appropriate, it should not be too much, so it will appear cheesy.

If your wedding dress is a large open collar design, then it is recommended to choose a crystal necklace with a pendant, which will make up for the hollow in the chest; if you are wearing a tight-fitting wedding dress, it is recommended to match the delicate and delicate crystal jewelry. So as not to undermine the overall feeling. Writing is easy to add.

If your wedding gown wears gloves, don't wear a wristband. It will look funny. If you don't wear gloves, you can wear a crystal bracelet and other accessories that match the earrings.