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How To Clean The Candlestick?

Jan. 16, 2020

Exquisite candlesticks can add to the taste of home life. For a small amount of money, buy a variety of novel candlesticks to decorate the bedroom. With its wonderful shape and the beauty and aroma of candlelight, it often highlights the owner’s taste, or displays it on the shelf, well stored, it is also an elegant decoration of happy life. Let's take a look with our Glass Candle Holder Supplier.

There are many styles of candlesticks on the market, generally divided into European and Chinese styles. You can choose the appropriate candlestick according to the style of home decoration. Most of the materials are iron candlesticks. Iron candlesticks are easy to clean dust and are not fragile. They can be matched well with any home improvement style. However, the color of iron candlesticks is too single. Nowadays, more popular candlesticks made of plexiglass are available on the market. , Can make up for the shortcomings of insufficient color of iron candlesticks.

Glass Candle Holder

Glass Candle Holder

Candlestick maintenance:

1. Do not hit the glass surface with force. Usually, it is better to lay a table cloth to prevent the glass surface from scratching. When placing things on glass furniture, handle them gently and avoid collisions.

2. Once the patterned frosted glass is dirty, you can use a toothbrush dipped in detergent and wipe it in a circular motion along the pattern to remove it. In addition, you can also drip kerosene on the glass or dry the glass with chalk dust and gypsum powder dipped in water, and then wipe it with a clean cloth or cotton, so that the glass is clean and bright.

3. The glass furniture is best placed in a relatively fixed place, do not move back and forth randomly; to place objects smoothly, heavy objects should be placed on the bottom of the glass furniture to prevent the furniture's center of gravity from being unstable. In addition, avoid moisture, keep away from the stove, and keep away from chemical reagents such as acid and alkali to prevent corrosion and deterioration.

4. Using plastic wrap and wet cloth sprayed with detergent can also make the glass which is often stained with oily look fresh. First, spray the glass all over with cleaning agent, and then cling to the cling film to soften the solidified oil stains. After ten minutes, remove the cling film and wipe it with a damp cloth. If you want to keep the glass clean and bright, you must always clean it by hand. If there is handwriting on the glass, you can rub it with water and rub it with a damp cloth. If there is paint on the glass, you can wipe it with cotton dipped in hot vinegar. Can make it bright like crystal.

Candlestick cleaning:

For daily cleaning, wipe with a wet towel or newspaper. If stains are found, wipe them with beer or warm vinegar, or use glass cleaners currently on the market. Avoid using strong acid and alkali. The solution is clean. The glass surface is easy to frost in winter. It can be wiped with a cloth dipped in concentrated saline or white wine, which works well.

When choosing a candlestick, you should be just right and not put too much in the room. The above is how to clean and maintain the candlestick introduced by Metal Decoration With Crystal Ball supplier. I hope it can help everyone.